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Smoke & fire alarms portable, Alarm pendeteksi ASAP dan API, Hub Yunus : 082113513454

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Overview Produk Garansi 3 bulan Info hub : 0821 1351 3454 Harga diluar ongkos kirim. Negara Asal : usa dual smoke sensors dual photoelectric and ionization smoke sensing technologies for optimal sensing of smoke particles produced in both flaming and smoldering fires smart sensor helps recognize the difference between non-threatening conditions and real emergencies mute button mutes unnecessary alarms immediately. also tests alarm function with same button EZ access battery door no need to remove alarm from ceiling to change battery 9v battery included loud 85db alarm 10-year limited warranty smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years for maximum protection home safety checklist Home Safety Audit Please take the following home safety audit to determine how many safety products are needed in your home and where to install them. Room-By-Room Safety Audit How would you like to go on a tour of your own home -- a tour unlike any other you may have taken and one that may present your familiar surroundings in a new and important light? Well, now' s the time. The tour outlined here has just one purpose: to help you look at each major room of your home and learn how to make it safer for every member of your family. We' ve listed all recommendations for the safety features and equipment each room should ideally contain. Entries • Deadbolt locks and heavy-duty strike plates. • Outdoor security lighting that is timer or motion-detector controlled. Living, Dining, and Family Rooms • A carbon monoxide alarm on every level where your family spends time. • Safety plugs on unused outlets. • Window treatments free of dangling cords if small children are present. • Programmable timers to turn lamps on and off when you' re away. • Extension cords placed safely away from areas where they could be stepped on or tripped over. • Outlet surge protectors for audio, video, and computer equipment. • Windows kept free of furniture if small children are present. Kitchen • A smoke alarm with silence button. • A fire extinguisher. • Scatter rugs that have nonslip backings or that are attached with pads or double-faced tape. • Childproof safety latches on cabinets that contain cleaning materials. • Electrical outlets that are fitted with ground-fault circuit interrupters. • Individual shut-off valves for each gas appliance. • Short, heavy-duty extension cords for appliances. • A range hood or vent kept free of built-up grease. • Radios, televisions and small electric appliances located safely away from the sink. • A list of emergency numbers located prominently near the phone. Baths • An up-to-date first-aid kit. • Anti-scald shower/ tub water controls. • Grab bars within easy reach in each tub and shower stall. • Shatter-resistant faucet parts with no sharp edges. • A night light. • Childproof safety latches on cabinets containing dangerous materials. • An electrical outlet positioned away from water fixtures and fitted with a ground-fault circuit interrupter. Furnace Room • A smoke alarm. • A carbon monoxide alarm at least 15 - 20 feet from furnace. • A fire extinguisher. Bedrooms • A smoke alarm in every bedroom and main hallway. • A carbon monoxide alarm in or near each bedroom. • A night light. • A fire-escape ladder ( if bedrooms are above main levels) . • A fire extinguisher. • A list of emergency numbers posted near any telephones. • The control center for your home security system. • A rechargeable flashlight. Garage • A smoke alarm or heat alarm. • A fire extinguisher. • A first-aid kit. • Well-maintained tools/ equipment. • Electrical outlets equipped with ground-fault circuit interrupters. • A telephone for summoning emergency help. Where To Place Safety Products: Smoke Alarms: One in every bedroom, and at least one on every level of the home. Carbon Monoxide Alarms: One on every level of the home and one in each sleeping area. Fire Extinguishers: One on every level of the home, and one each in the kitchen and garage. Untuk Info Hub : Yunus Telp. 0821 1351 3454 YM : optimatel Email : yunus@ Web :